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Apr 5, 2017

Atrocious Pepsi ad richly deserves the outrage it's getting

Tensions running high between protestors and police? Never fear, carbonated sugar water is here!

Last week, Ad Nut praised Vicks for hitting all the right notes while taking a stand on a social issue.

The above travesty from Pepsi, out of the US, is the exact opposite.

If you don't want to watch the entire thing, Ad Nut really can't blame you. Skip to the 1:45 mark; that's where it surpasses all known levels of ludicrous-ness and crosses over into blatantly offensive, thus ensuring that it will live in infamy forever.

Note to brands: Never, ever (ever!) posit your product as an easy solution to a serious social tension or political issue, especially one where the stakes include the deaths of innocents. And also: Why does anyone need to tell you this?

The atrocity was reportedly executed in-house, so at least no agencies were harmed in the making of this controversy.

Update: The ad has ben pulled, but luckily we made a copy.

Update 2: At least one person thinks the ad is a brilliant April Fool's joke.

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