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May 8, 2015

Ad Nut: Samsung says call your mum, and more of the week's best ads

Ad Nut brings you good and bad ads from all over. This week, Samsung's funny mom texts, the hunky McDonald's Hamburgler, Justin Timberlake as a down-on-his-luck lime, Audi's disturbing birth scene, Coke's arranged marriage and many more.

Ad Nut gathers ads from anywhere in the world and presents the latest collection here from time to time for your viewing pleasure, because Ad Nut loves you. For more ads, see our own coverage of APAC ads, follow us on Facebook, and check out our fellow ad nuts at Campaign in the US, UK, India, Turkey and Middle East.

ABOVE: Ad Nut and the friends here at Campaign criticize a lot of Samsung ads for being oddly tone deaf, misleading and even downright creepy. But the brand seems to do fine in the US, where this nugget of pure gold by RG/A comes from. In addition to enjoying the fun video, Campaign US explains, you can call any of the phone numbers that appear on the screen to hear a voicemail message from one of the mums. 


This next one may be uncomfortable for some in the industry. By the Indian Confederation of NGOs.


Ad Nut would be remiss not to mention McDonald's and its divisive introduction of a 'rebooted' (and apparently hunky, Ad Nut wouldn't know) Hamburgler. Campaign US has the story. Reviving a ridiculous character that's been retired for like 40 years seems a bit desperate to Ad Nut, but at least the brand has people talking.


Watching this Audi ad by BBH London, Ad Nut feels as if Ad Nut has stumbled into a private and primal event. This is probably the first video set in a factory that should carry a warning that it's not for the squeamish. (via Campaign UK)


Speaking of things that are hard to watch, here's Justin Timberlake underneath tons of green makeup as a strange lime-headed person, who lives the high life and then falls on hard times. This is an extended ad for Sauza 901 tequila (of which Timberlake is part owner). 


Maybe smartphone-controlled home automation is not such a good idea? For Dutch insurer Centraal Beheer. Agency unknown.


More outdoor magic here by OgilvyOne of the UK (winners of the Cannes Grand Prix for the British Airways #Lookup campaign). This time, the client is an animal shelter, and the trick is handing out paper fliers that have built-in RFID chips which trigger (adorable) outdoor displays as people move around.


Well played, Carlsberg


Lot of people seemed to like the latest elaborate reality-TV video by JWT Amsterdam for Heineken. 


Ad Nut can't imagine what it's like to be suddenly married to someone you hardly know ('awkward' doesn't even come close), but it's a common enough feeling in India that Coca-Cola and McCann have made it into the subject of an ad. Via Campaign India, which helpfully translates the dialogue (although you hardly need it).


Ad Nut likes this 'Shadow WiFi' gimmick—which teaches beachgoers about the risks of skin cancer by providing WiFi only to those who are in the shade—because it's not just a one-off thing. The agency, Happiness Brussels, has created an "out of the box" system that requires no special technology knowledge to set up and is making it available to cancer organisations worldwide. The system includes a narrow-beam WiFi system that automatically tracks the sun.


Ad Nut is not going to spoil this for you. By Havas Worldwide Toronto for Monster Factory. If you enjoy this, click through to the brand's YouTube channel for two more in the series.


Great effects work here by Wieden+Kennedy for Honda. (Via Campaign UK)


That's all for now. Ad Nut will be back soon with more chestnuts.

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