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Dec 19, 2014

Ad Nut: Feasting dogs, a bizarre robot baby and an irresistible owl

Ad Nut hauls its adorable bushy tail all over the internet to bring you ads that are notably good, notably odd, or both. This week: Some lucky dogs enjoying a Christmas feast, Hyundai's weird robotic baby, the most confusing year-in-review video, Hootsuite's heartwarming owl and much more.

Ad Nut gathers ads from anywhere in the worldcreative works the editors here aren't planning to cover in Campaign Asia-Pacific's The Work section. Many of these come from our US, UK, India and Middle East colleagues (thanks, friends!).

Once a week, Ad Nut presents the latest collection here for your viewing pleasure. Because Ad Nut loves you.

Above: Pet-food maker Freshpet hosts a hilarious Christmas dinner in this video made with LA agency Shareability, under the oversight of the Humane Society of the US state of Utah. There's also a highly entertaining making-of video, and the company is supporting efforts to provide shelters with needed supplies (more details via Mashable). So it's all good. But Ad Nut still has to wonder when the ad world is going to wake up to the cute-power of squirrels?  


Here's a year-in-review video unlike any you've seen. Ad Nut won't spoil the reveal by mentioning the client, but the agency is N=5 of Amsterdam. (More details from Campaign US)


This is Hyundai trying waaaaaay too hard.


In this Jack Daniels video by Arnold Furnace, distant relatives connect by hologram. It's sweet and moving whether or not (spoiler alert) you see the twist ending coming (Ad Nut sure did).


Apple's holiday ad. Ad Nut's verdict: 'Meh". How about you?


The US state of South Dakota pulled this ad urging motorists not to "jerk and drive". Don't worry, it's safe for work and not actually about what you may be thinking it's about. (Via Huffington Post)


Ad Nut enjoyed these clever OOH installations by Toronto's Zulu Alpha Kilo, for Interac.


A three-and-a-half minute video about a guy covered in Skittles? A three-and-a-half minute video about a guy covered in Skittles. Branded content, what hath thou wrought? By BBDO Toronto. (Via Campaign US).


Ad Nut is a tad frightened of the little girl in this spot for New Zealand's Sky TV by DDB.


Ad Nut enjoyed Ad Week's review of the year's worst brand fails, and can't agree more about its No. 3 choice: this execrable, jingoistic ad for Cadillac, which Ad Nut had somehow been lucky enough to avoid—until now. Ad Nut has distant relatives in the US, who beg you to please not think all Americans are arrogant assholes who wear ugly shorts. 


Speaking of gross things, this video promoting a test kit for sexually transmitted diseases is truly juvenile and possibly NSFW. Way to treat a sensitive topic with tact! As one editor here put it, are they targeting 14-year-old boys?


If you haven't seen this widely shared LinkedIn promotion starring Liam Neeson, it's brilliant. Also, from this point no one is allowed to use the "I have a particular set of skills" meme, because this is clearly the ultimate usage.


That's all for now. Ad Nut is going into hibernation for a couple weeks, but will be back early next year with more chestnuts.

Ad Nut leaves you with Hootsuite's 'holiday card': a 40-minute video featuring a dangerously adorable owl, whose moving backstory has won the hearts of the editors here.


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