Industry diversity

A collection of content pertaining to industry diversity.

1 hour ago

Distillery launches Diversity Type Project

The project aims to create a typeface that celebrates diversity and inclusion, and is created in partnership with the Diversity Standards Collective.

6 hours ago

Fearless Girl shatters glass ceiling beyond the boardroom

State Street Global Advisors celebrates International Women’s Day with a revamped art installation for the famous ‘Fearless Girl.’

1 day ago

It's past time to eliminate gender biases in design

From surgical instruments to crash test dummies and virtual assistants, gender biases and stereotypes have been built-into products causing real harm, says the co-founder of Elephant Design.

Feb 18, 2021

P&G wants equal representation of female directors for its ads across brands in India

Part of the company's endeavour to drive equal opportunities for women and girls in education, at home, and in the workplace

Feb 11, 2021

Super Bowl ads missed the mark on diversity

The industry’s male dominance was on display during this year’s game.

Feb 10, 2021

A Vietnam perspective: Culture and working life as an LGBTQIA+ person in the industry

In the fourth iteration of our LGBTQIA+ interview series, we turn our attention to Vietnam, a market that has made some policy progress in recent years, but with discrimination and stigma still common, many to continue to hide their identities.