Nov 22, 2023

'Wide-eyed innocence and blind terror': ‪Why haven't advertising professionals unionised?

As issues like the gig economy, AI, and the cost of living crisis see other creative industries joining forces to fight for better protections and working conditions, Campaign explores why advertising professionals have traditionally been slow to unionise.

Mar 15, 2019

'This is a bank ad'

In a LOL-worthy campaign by Union, Bankwest uses delicious parody to stand out in a 'Sea of sameness'.

Jul 23, 2018

Bank's cartoon characters are perhaps a bit too cartoonish

Australia's Bankwest and WPP AUNZ's Union offer up a trio imaginatively animated characters. Too bad they're such stereotypes.

Oct 25, 2010

The Brand Union to redesign SIS sugar packaging in Singapore

SINGAPORE - SIS sugar brand in Singapore has appointed The Brand Union to redesign its brand packaging and recommend a strategic direction in Singapore and in the Middle East.