graham kelly

Mar 23, 2015

Graham Kelly to serve up inspiration as Bates CHI & Partners ‘guest chef’

ASIA-PACIFIC - Graham Kelly, the former regional ECD of Isobar, is to join Bates CHI & Partners for a period of six months as what the agency terms a ‘guest chef’.

Nov 6, 2013

Collaboration: Keep creative agencies in the loop

MEDIA DEBATE: Tempting as it is to hold new innovations close to the chest, experts agree media agencies should work harder to share insights with their creative counterparts

Sep 17, 2013

Why social media isn't more creative: Isobar's Graham Kelly

SPIKES ASIA 2013 - The industry seems to either regard social media as a miracle or dismiss it as a fad, and this results in a lack of creativity in social-media campaigns, Graham Kelly, Isobar's regional ECD, argued during his forum at Spikes Asia today.

May 7, 2013

Isobar Asia-Pacific selects Ogilvy's Graham Kelly as first regional ECD

ASIA-PACIFIC - Graham Kelly has left his role as ECD at OgilvyOne India and head of creative at GKIM to join Isobar Asia-Pacific as its first regional ECD.