air china

Jul 28, 2017

Top 5 politically incorrect ads

The gross, the bad, and the awkward.

Sep 8, 2016

Air China says racist travel tips were 'misinterpreted'

A statement provided by Air China apologises but attempts to distance the brand from the scandal by blaming the magazine editors.

Sep 6, 2011

&c. Guangzhou wins China Southern Airlines’ digital retainer

GUANGZHOU - Online ad agency &c. has signed a retainer contract with China Southern Airlines (CSA) through its Guangzhou office.

Aug 13, 2010

Air China goes ‘above and beyond’ with new commercial

State-owned carrier Air China is focusing on customer service to step up its brand image in a new campaign developed by Ogilvy & Mather Beijing.

Feb 23, 2010

China's airlines see growth despite recession and increased competition from high-speed rail

The biggest threat facing China's airlines last year did not come from global carriers. Instead it came from domestic high-speed trains now plying the heavily travelled corridors between first and second tier cities within the country's 33 provinces.