Staff Reporters
Oct 11, 2017

Photos: McCann's 'Truth about street' effort

More than 3,000 McCann employees in 12 APAC markets participated in yesterday's field research effort, according to the company.

McCann Worldgroup sent 3,200 APAC employees and about 20,000 workers worldwide out of the office yesterday to meet and interview people about shopping behaviour, brand attitudes, local cultures, cultural values and ecommerce.

The “Truth About Street” initiative involved more than 100 countries and "every department and level of the network...from associates to senior management, including creative, business leadership, strategy, production and administrative teams", according to the company. The findings will be incorporated into the next wave of the company’s Truth About Global Brands study.

The gallery above shows teams from around the region either preparing for the day or at work on the research task, although from the look of things, the Gold Coast team may have used the event as an excuse to spend the day on the beach.