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Mar 23, 2020

Advertising in the time of pandemic: Creative work addressing the crisis

As the coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis grinds on and engulfs the globe, we collect examples of how brands are addressing it in their consumer-directed communications.

The coronavirus crisis is permeating every aspect of life and society, and inevitably brands will feel the need to refer to the pandemic in their messaging to consumers. Here we'll collect examples that we come across. So far, what we've come across has been examples from Europe and the UK—which is weird since the virus hit around here first. So come on, APAC: If you've seen APAC brands addressing the crisis in their creative output, please let us know via our contact us form or on Twitter @CampaignAsia.  

Here's the additional material promised in the captions above.

Skyn's animated advice:

St Patrick's Day message from Guinness:


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