David Blecken
Mar 27, 2017

A corner of Portland in Tokyo

Decidedly more colourful than a regular travel agency.

Over three days in March, Travel Portland’s ‘Odnaro Dude’ mascot presided over his very own pop-up travel agency in Tokyo, named, oddly enough, Odnaro Travel.

(Created by Wieden + Kennedy, Odnaro Dude takes his name from Odnarotoop, the overarching promotion for Portland in Japan by the same agency. ‘Odnarotoop’ is the Japanese pronunciation of Portland, but backwards.)

The event was in collaboration with the more traditional travel agency HIS and jointly organised by Wieden + Kennedy and Edelman Japan. Odnaro Dude handed out a parody of typical Japanese travel brochures that showcased Portland’s offbeat charm. Other diversions included something called Dude-o-vision, a VR experience of Portland made possible by wearing the Dude’s head.

The pop-up experience will move to Osaka during Golden Week.

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