Webinar: Meeting the Creative Demands of eCommerce Growth

Webinar: Meeting the Creative Demands of eCommerce Growth

Branding experts are coming together for a discussion on creativity in online marketing for revenue growth. Register below to join us live.


Celtra and Campaign Asia are bringing together an expert panel to discuss how to manage the creative pressure of scaling production to growth.


Erick Wicaksono
Vice President of Marketing
Raditya Beer
Head of Brand & Social Media
Raushida Vasaiwala
General Manager, APAC
Moderated by: Matthew Miller, Managing Editor, APAC, Campaign Asia-Pacific

eCommerce growth in Asia has skyrocketed over the last few years, accelerated by the pandemic in recent times. Southeast Asia’s eCommerce growth is particularly staggering, with the sector forecast to exceed US$150 billion in value by 2025.

In this eCommerce-first reality, brands need to act like direct-to-consumer companies. Creativity matters in the cluttered social and digital sphere and marketers must constantly come up with fresh and exciting content to capture consumers’ attention.

This webinar discusses: 

  • Keeping consistent with your message: APAC is diverse and as such, different markets often have varied multi-language demands and preferences for platforms. How are brands in APAC harmonising  their messaging across markets and discerning cultural nuances to resonate with local audiences?
  • Meeting the need for multi-platform: As consumers take their spending online and eCommerce growth increases, so does creative demand. How are brands tackling the need to create across multiple platforms with a reduced time to market? What tactics can brands employ to charm and convert digital shoppers?
  • Creativity vs. automation: Brands that can quickly produce, launch, and refresh volumes of high-quality creative will win. But how can marketers ensure that creativity isn’t hindered by automation and continue to foster a culture of creativity?
  • Creativity in lockdown: What creative lessons have brands learnt from lockdown and the increased demand for volume that accompanied it? How have marketers found new ways to scale creative production with newly remote teams?