Diversity Talks 2023: Hitting reset (on-demand)

Diversity Talks 2023: Hitting reset (on-demand)

Join EssenceMediacom and Campaign Asia-Pacific at Diversity Talks, a virtual event focused on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives across APAC.

Hitting reset

If the last three years have done anything — other than prove the adage ‘may you live in interesting times’ to be cruelly ironic — it has been to throw all our established systems into question. As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s clear that DEI is more important than ever. Across the spectrum of DEI-related causes, aspects like flexible work have come along in leaps and bounds (only to regress in some cases), while the turbulence of recent years has also seen issues like mental health become more widely discussed.

These seismic shifts, along with the mainstreaming of generative AI and the emergence of Gen Z as a key demographic, present a rare opportunity for us to affect real and fruitful change. It’s time to examine the structures in which we exist and decide how to build a better, more inclusive future.

This event is hosted by Campaign Asia-Pacific, in partnership with EssenceMediacom, as part of Women to Watch.

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Join us for two panels and a fireside chat on:

  • Developing cultural intelligence on an organisational level
  • Work/life: The intersection of mental health and DEI
  • Embedding DEI into products and services

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