Elena Zheng

Jul 14, 2014

Generation 'Xi': Marketing in China's 'youth-conomy'

SHANGHAI - The belief that the length of a generation is defined by ten-year spans is making less sense in China as technological and societal changes take place every five or even three years, setting the stage for 'Generation Xi' (习世代)—youths growing up in the current Xi Jinping era, and altering marketing principles along with it.

Jul 13, 2014

Weibo World Cup: Real-time branding 'goal' of the day

On Weibo during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, brands are responsible for their own social-media scores, and Chinese netizens need only enjoy (or disprove of) the brands' reactions to the daily matches. Campaign Asia-Pacific will keep our eyes online and pick out examples of brands that stand out for being quick on their feet, until the final game on 13 July.