Emily Tan
Jan 23, 2015

Wrap-up: Skyscraper selfies, Uber trouble and 7 other things you need to know

Working with fearless selfie-seekers, the migration to Facebook in Indonesia, Cathay's new campaign, awesome marketing automation, Uber's Korean headache, two new telco logos, Google's un-Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens, French fury and honest brand slogans. Here's a round-up of some stories you may have missed this week.

Wrap-up: Skyscraper selfies, Uber trouble and 7 other things you need to know

1. What do death-defying influencers want in a brand?

Our reporter speaks to Instagrammers who hang off the top off skyscrapers for a selfie. These urban explorers have built a loyal and engaged following that any brand would be grateful to tap, but what do they want out of the brands they work with?

2. Facebook all the way for brands in Indonesia

From a TV market to a Facebook market. Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest Facebook population. See how brands are shifting strategies and spend to the social-media platform. 

3. What does ‘awesome’ look like in marketing automation?

Another day another marketing platform, each claiming to be the latest and greatest. But what does a great tech stack look like and how do you know what to look out for?

4. Cathay Pacific unveils global ‘Life well travelled’ campaign

The airline has matched its new brand look with a new brand campaign. Take a look at and let us know if you feel the airline has achieved its objectives or if the campaign has missed the mark.

5. Uber is in trouble (again), this time in South Korea

The ride-sharing service’s approach of launch-first-legislate-later has resulted in yet another legal tangle. Uber, according to WSJ, has been “violating communication laws” in South Korea by failing to report its web-based location service. 

6. Telco rebrands

Both Singtel and DiGi Malaysia have launched new brands this week. One has already become a figure of fun online. Can you guess which one?

7. Fox news invents Islamic terrorist occupied “No-Go-Zones” in Paris

And is subsequently mocked. And mocked again by the ‘French Daily Show’, Le Petite Journal. Until the network apologises. Several times. Paris is thinking of suing anyway.

8.  Google stops selling Glass, but Microsoft launches its own headset

Although Google claims it’s not giving up, it has stopped selling Google Glass. Microsoft meanwhile steams down the path of headset wear with the launch of its HoloLens.

9. Honest advertising slogans

Because it’s Friday and even advertisers need to laugh at themselves. Just a little bit.  



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