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Jan 25, 2018

Vote for WFA's Global Marketer of the Year

All six shortlisted CMOs have been revealed. Vote now for World Federation of Advertisers Global Marketer of the Year.

CW from top left: Keith Weed, Glory Zhang,  Hans-Christian Schwingen, Raja Rajamannar, Marc Pritchard, Jane Wakely.
CW from top left: Keith Weed, Glory Zhang, Hans-Christian Schwingen, Raja Rajamannar, Marc Pritchard, Jane Wakely.

Cast your vote for WFA's Global Marketer of the Year
(Deadline: January 31)

The nominees are...

Bridging east and west via digital: Huawei's Glory Zhang
Huawei’s international and domestic success is one of the biggest demonstrations of the speed of development in China. Having only launched its first Android smartphones in 2009, it is now the world’s third-largest producer, with the scale to take on Apple and Samsung.

Empowering Unilever marketers and unstereotyping ads: Keith Weed
For Keith Weed, 2017 was the year that the rest of the marketing community woke up to the scale of the challenge around the digital ecosystem.

Marketing with purpose at Mars: Jane Wakely
Mars was the most awarded company at the 2017 Cannes Lions with 44 Lions, an achievement that according to Jane Wakely recognises the journey the company has been on for the last decade.

Sea heroes and data: Deutsche Telekom's Hans-Christian Schwingen
Schwingen argues that such metrics demonstrate that engineering excellence is no longer enough for Deutsche Telekom to thrive. "In the end, our business is not primarily about solving technical questions but about fulfilling implicit goals for customers.

From transparency to equality: P&G's Marc Pritchard
It’s been hard to avoid Marc Pritchard over the last 12 months. If he hasn’t been demanding action on the "crappy media supply chain" then he’s been talking about equality and the coming transformation of the marketing model.

Priceless success at Mastercard: Raja Rajamannar
Mastercard’s marketing was firing on all cylinders in 2017: a strong brand, proven benefits to the business and platforms that provide a sustainable competitive advantage were all delivering. For Raja Rajamannar, this success represents the culmination of efforts over a four-year period.

(Deadline: January 31) 


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