Babar Khan Javed
Aug 7, 2017

TVC parodies Singapore security guards

Ademco Security Group's new video parodies the new life of a security guard in a world where robots take over the detection of crimes, to highlight the need for skills development.

Ademco Group's latest ad depicts the daily trials of a security guard.
Ademco Group's latest ad depicts the daily trials of a security guard.

To shed light on the plight of security guards in Singapore, Ademco Security Group produced a video to demonstrate how security personnel can be better deployed for higher-skilled technology-driven duties.

"Hello! Uncle Not Machine!" follows uncle James See Beh Xiong through his daily grind as a security guard where he puts up with long foot patrols among other non-security related issues.  Yet when an unexpected job restructuring finds him in a new technology-enabled security role, he then uses his "skills instead of sweat."

"The purpose of this project was to produce a light-hearted video to create awareness of the out-dated mindset both the public and the security industry have about security guards, which at present mostly involves long hours, mundane and physically taxing tasks," shared Patrick Lim, director of group sales and marketing, at the Ademco Security Group.

He said that the campaign would offer viewers an insight into how Ademco Security Group "can change the concept of security guards in Singapore with the help of technology that is readily available."  In doing so it aims to transition the role of guards from one of investigating issues to resolving them.

The video is being distributed through Ademco's Facebook page and its YouTube channel. Lim adds that it has also been picked up by bloggers and a few online platforms like Unscrambled, SGAG, Kuanyewism and The Smart Local.

The intended viewership audience for the video has been defined as "professionals of all ages, with interest in technology and located in Singapore." 

Campaign's View 

While the message is clear and well intended, the execution of the video itself with regards to sound design, direction, and cinematography appears rushed. Some viewers, like expatriates, might find the content cringe worthy, especially the idea of a sentient robot seemingly assaulting petty thieves. 

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