Byravee Iyer
Sep 25, 2014

Turning touchpoints into revenue channels: Tencent

SPIKES ASIA - The mobile phone is the first thing we look at and last thing we touch each day, said Sophia Ong, planning and implementation GM for Tencent, painting a picture of just how connected Chinese consumers are today.

Sophia Ong
Sophia Ong

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Ong said the Chinese are really at the forefront of the connected age and illustrated that with in-house examples. “A new page of the chapter is being turned and we’d like to share insights from our product platform,” she said.

Takeaway points included:

  • WeChat opened the first payment experience store in Hangzhou, offering consumers control over the whole purchase process by making it convenient and efficient.
  • Tencent has now set its sights on the driving experience of the future: cloud-connected vehicles.
  • Ong said mobile is the starting point for the company and it is focused on customising measurement and developing future-facing predictive targeting.
  • On the content side, the best way to create user experience is to develop intimate interaction with consumers based on scenarios and devices.
  • The ultimate aim is to turn touchpoints into revenue channels

Campaign's observation: We think the payment experience store is totally cool and looks like it's doing well for Tencent, with over 100 million users. We also think it’s totally cool that Tencent decided to “bribe” the audience with a free speaker for the person who asked the first question.


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