Adrian Peter Tse
Jun 2, 2015

Top 1000 2015: The rise and the fall

Some brands see their fortunes rise, while others watch their empires fall. Here, we examine the factors driving notable moves up and down in the Asia's Top 1000 Brands ranking.

Top 1000 2015: The rise and the fall

Some brands see their fortunes rise, while others watch their empires fall. Here, we examine the factors driving notable moves up and down in the Asia's Top 1000 Brands ranking.

(Note: The numbers in parentheses show how many spots the brand moved since 2014, followed by its 2015 ranking.)

Biggest gainers

Milo (+143 to 72)

  • Created localised products for fast-growing markets, such as Milo ‘more malt, more milk’ in the Philippines and the ‘3-in-1 Easy Cool’ product in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • The multiyear ‘Milo breakfast movement’ has mothers advocating for the importance of breakfast, anchoring the perception that Milo is committed long-term to health.


Acer (+45 to 78)

  • At the end of 2014, Acer reviewed its global advertising, which Mother had led since 2012, and now uses a series of local shops.
  • The brand achieved record market share in Thailand. And in the Philippines, a promotional deal made Acer visible in wildly popular NBA media and events.
  • Early this year, appointed Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore as creative agency, tasked with developing a global brand idea.


Casio (+41 to 86)

  • Despite varied product line, wristwatches drove Casio’s Top 1000 success; the brand ranks second in the watches sub-category.
  • Retro LCD watches have made a comeback, and Casio has managed to be part of the conversation in hipster fashion.
  • The brand continues to innovate, incorporating smart-watch technology in a way different from competitors.


Others that ascended:

Asus (+46 to 98)
Asiana (+68 to 433)
Avon (+53 to 227)
Boots (+27 to 236)
Burger King (+31 to 265)
Darlie (+27 to 204)
Extra (+44 to 169)
Ferrero Rocher (+34 to 128)

Garnier (+35 to 149)
Guess (+28 to 115)
Guinness (+31 to 286)
H&M (+32 to 193)
Hyatt (+28 to 237)
Intel (+27 to 113)
Kit Kat (+32 to 215)
Lifebuoy (+51 to 287)


Minute Maid (+26 to 112)
New Balance (+144 to 351)
Nissan (+30 to 430)
Qantas (+50 to 392)
Suntory (+22 to 130)
Uniqlo (+63 to 175)


Singapore Airlines (-20 to 83)

  • Faces tough competition from younger competitors such as Emirates, Qatar and Etihad (although SIA still tops the full-service airline sub-category).
  • Industry trends have diluted power of SIA’s longtime brand story of service excellence.
  • Continues to try new marketing approaches, such as using Instagram and clues left across social media to tease a new offering.


AIA (-36 to 177)

  • Despite positive initiatives, such as partnership with startup accelerator Nest, has not launched any large-scale marketing initiatives since becoming ‘The real life company’ in mid-2013; the lull appears to have affected awareness.
  • AIA is consistent in messaging, and is following a trend among insurance companies to present a more human face. But it seems the company needs greater differentiation to continue to stand out.


Louis Vuitton (-11 to 49)

  • Popularity has dwindled among core Chinese target audience, particularly Chinese travellers.
  • China has seen a shift from ‘logo-mania’ to unique, high-quality, understated luxury.
  • LV’s response has been to limit expansion in order to reduce accessibility, but it may need to take steps towards real brand, product and strategic innovation.


Others that dropped:

100 Plus (-70 to 176)
Boss (-31 to 270)
Carlsberg (-20 to 201)
Cathay Pacific (-21 to 180)
Citibank (-19 to 83)
Dutch Lady (-36 to 167)
Electrolux (-21 to 134)
Evian (-36 to 139)

Gatorade (-42 to 124)
Harley Davidson (-67 to 252)
Hershey’s (-35 to 203)
Kenwood (-35 to 202)
Old Town (-45 to 332)
Omega (-43 to 235)
Perrier (-54 to 324)
Pocari Sweat (-27 to 134)

Porsche (-26 to 344)
Standard Chartered Bank (-46 to 258)
The Body Shop (-30 to 304)
Tiger Beer (-19 to 253)
Twitter (-25 to 142)
Virgin (-32 to 229)


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