Chris Reed
Apr 23, 2013

Tiger Beer's new TVC is "Pure Copycat"

Tiger Beer have a history of producing some of the worst creative in Singapore. Their new TVC doesn’t disappoint in that respect.

Tiger Beer's new TVC is

If you are however looking for their new TVC on either their facebook site or their official Singapore site…you won’t find it.  They are still showing previous creatively challenged campaigns rather than the brand new one, for some reason. Seems to be some delay in their real time social media marketing! Surely these things should be easily aligned these days?

Suffice to say it was clearly created by a) someone who had been watching lots of Nike/adidas adverts and b) someone who had never heard of Guinness or had heard of Guinness but thought that no one else had.....

The latter point is funny as Asia Pacific Breweries who market Tiger also market/disribute, yes you’ve guessed it, Guinness in Singapore.

The end spoken tagline of the new Tiger TVC is “Pure Genius”. As anyone will know who has been in advertising for any length of time “Pure Genius” is intrinsically linked with Guinness.

Many an award winning creative used that strapline to promote Guinness. Here is one of their best adverts, which also became one of the most talked about and award winning.

The fact that Tiger is a sister brand to Guinness in Asia makes this faux pas incredible. Surely someone would have noticed? Ironically the tag line doesn’t actually fit with the creative copy.

As the crowd of fans rush to get a Tiger through the streets and eventually find their favourite drinking hole the commentator says “oh they have hit the bar…pure genius”. You know why he’s saying it as the whole advert is a football commentary on getting to drink Tiger...but to follow the football analogy along hitting the bar is not pure genius!

So not only have they nicked a tag line from a sister brand but they have used it in a context which makes no sense. Pure genius indeed!


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