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Sep 29, 2014

Things we learnt at Spikes Asia 2014

SPIKES ASIA - Our team of reporters fanned out over Suntec to cover as much of Spikes Asia 2014 as humanly possible—and then to cover a little bit more. Over four grueling days, we managed to pick up more than a few tidbits worth repeating.

Things we learnt at Spikes Asia 2014

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We came. We saw. We wrote. We photographed, Facebooked, hashtagged, and tweeted (oh, did we ever tweet). We covered—or at least popped in on—nearly every Seminar, TechTalk and Forum. We attended a great many parties. We watched every...single...award...presentation.

But did we learn anything? Besides the importance of liberal caffeine intake? A few things.

Here, Campaign Asia-Pacific reflects of some of the valuable (and not so valuable) lessons from the week.


1. It’s all about data and tech … 'Sound of Honda', won four Grand Prix awards at Spikes showing that using techology and data in novel ways catches a lot of attention.


2. Be brave ... “You need to be brave to get great work through” - Graham Fink


3 . People can’t get enough of seeing JCVD doing the splits ... We lost count of how many times Volvo’s Epic Split ad featured in a session.


4. Mobile isn’t a thing ... It’s THE thing.

5. The future of the advertising industry looks like this ...


6. Coca Cola wanted to #shareacoke with #SpikesAsia


7. Brands love Twitter … and with good reason

8. This is how you should use Twitter ... said Twitter


9. The Havas café was more popular than Starbucks

10. But you really needed to watch what you say…

11. Showing more exhilarating photos of adrenalin-pumped partying people, lasers and booze included, will actually make a better party photo album.


12. The 30-second creative advertising campaign is becoming irrelevant. Advertisers are increasingly seeking local bloggers, setting up hot shops to deliver always-on content.


13. Creative people should lead companies and nurture their business skills gained from working on brands (180Amsterdam, Al Moseley)


14. Stop categorizing ideas. Simply ask yourself if what you’re doing is the most innovative solution to a marketing problem (Amir Kassaei, DDB)


15. Don’t look to other advertising for great ideas (Casey Neistat)


16. Ask if an idea makes you afraid. If not, it is probably too tame and won’t make an impact. (Rei Inamoto, AKQA)


17. Pitch less and turn down business that isn’t right for you. You will gain more respect. (Ted Royer, Droga5)


18. Using cultural ambivalence can result in unique, entertaining work (Yoshi Matsuura, Hakuhodo)


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