Matthew Miller
Jun 26, 2015

The Economist asks: Who'd like some insect ice cream?

HONG KONG - Asking people to eat food laced with insects seems like a strange way to get people to like you, but that's essentially the approach The Economist is taking with a refreshing (but at the same time creepy) marketing effort in Hong Kong.

The Economist asks: Who'd like some insect ice cream?

The publication has a branded ice-cream tricycle plying the streets of Hong Kong offering free samples of ice cream that includes insect ingredients. We're told flavours include "Scurry Berry, a fruity ice cream with a mix of insect bits, and the smooth and chocolatey Choc Hopper, featuring real grasshopper chunks."

The promotion, running from today through mid-July, aims to highlight the publication's thought-provoking content. It's based on a story from late 2014 that examined the (serious) question of whether we should be eating insects instead of the more environmentally damaging livestock we eat today.

At the ice cream appearances, The Economist will be handing out leaflets featuring the insect story and a special subscription offer for a one-month auto-renewing digital subscription starting at HK$38, plus a copy of The Economist’s Mega Change 2050, a book about significant changes that will shape the coming decades.

We note that in the pictures The Economist sent, we don't see anyone actually trying the ice cream. We at Campaign talked about going in search of the tricycle, which was supposedly near our office this afternoon, but then enthusiasm petered out...because it's so hot outside (yes, that's it).   




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