Matthew Miller
Dec 16, 2016

Tech talk: CtrlShift, Exponential, S4M, and more

A weekly roundup of tech news and announcements.

Tech talk: CtrlShift, Exponential, S4M, and more

CtrlShift: R-cube suite

CtrlShift launched its global suite of managed end-to-end solutions, dubbed r3 (r-cube).

The name refers to "relevance, response, results" and the company said the suite:

  • Delivers highly targeted digital campaigns that are viewable, fraud-free and brand-safe, using a combination of programmatic and in-depth audience data.
  • Harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate insights that enable constant refining of audience segments
  • Unifies data from different channels, offers a single view that facilitates channel selection as well as measurement and analysis of campaign performance.
  • Ensures high-impact campaigns are delivered with effective reach through a dynamic process of enriching audience segments throughout the campaign, on a continuous cycle.

Deepika Nikhilender, CEO, CtrlShift:

Too many marketers think that programmatic is simply about cutting costs, but it has now evolved to be more data-driven and technologically advanced. r3 marries this evolution of programmatic and in-depth audience data, so that marketers are able to strategise, implement and measure digital campaigns that drive business

Exponential: AR Face Filter

The company has released the functionality as a part of its proprietary video advertising offering (VDX). The Face Filter is a canvas for innovative augmented reality (AR) consumer experiences, according to the company.

The feature uses facial-feature and head-tracking technology to allow the advertiser to overlay virtual objects such as glasses, makeup, hats, helmets, and so on.

Ben Maudsley, MD, Exponential APAC and South Africa:

Augmented reality is widely expected to hit its stride during 2017 and so we are extremely proud to be launching VDX Face Filter in Australia,” said . “Increasingly, brands will begin to experiment with augmented reality in order to deepen consumer engagement and interaction. As one of the first companies to bring this type of scalable solution to market, Exponential looks forward to pioneering this type of innovative marketing.

S4M: New mobile-ad format, 'The Path'

S4M, released a new mobile ad format, The Path, developed by its in-house studio and aimed at helping advertisers to deliver the best mobile user experience. The format delivers "an immersive catalogue effect of a branded product message that truly takes the user on a path of discovery" with intuitive navigation and integration of mobile videos and store locators.

Christophe Collet, S4M CEO:

With The Path, advertisers have transparent and holistic insights into each screen within the format, including key measurements such as time spent, interactions, and the video completion rate. This format is a true alternative to Canvas developed by Facebook, it is mobile-specific and lighter in weight allowing flawless distribution across all publishers.

Gavin Buxton, VP of sales, APAC:

As mobile usage overtakes all the other channels in the region, it is imperative for brands to have a dedicated strategy and creative in order to really stand out. Our goal is to provide a format that has been tested and optimised to leverage all the native functionalities of the mobile.




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