Byravee Iyer
Sep 30, 2016

Singapore-based fund to accelerate new content models, media technology

Founders of Aurora Media Capital hope to shake things up in the media and entertainment space.

Justin Deimen
Justin Deimen

SINGAPORE - Aurora Media Capital, a US$30 million global media investment fund launched in Singapore, is looking at innovative distribution models for content creators to sidestep traditional commissioning and licensing, directly reach audiences and amplify content-marketing strategies.

“We are looking at innovative distribution models for content and content financing,” said Justin Deimen, co-founder of the company. “This could be through next-gen last-mile services, data compression, live-streaming and other progressive approaches for creators to directly reach their audiences.”

Southeast Asia is the fund's base, but investment will not be limited to local content.

The firm’s first film deal is ‘100 Yards’, a faith-based American football drama set in the Philippines but made for the US market. It has also secured the rights to am in development creature feature called ‘Mogwai’ and a blue-chip feature documentary on the G20. There are likely to be further announcements of other projects and ventures by the end of this year.

While the fund’s primary focus is on content creation, it is also exploring early to mid-stage entries into accessible and mass-market virtual reality and augmented-reality content and games, especially those focused on “traditional storytellers that will help drive new consumption habits”.

“As delivery systems and digital productions evolve, it is important that we continue to be at the forefront of these advancements,” Deimen said. “We’re looking at media-tech plays that will ultimately complement our content library and IP assets. As it stands we’re at looking at a 15 to 20 percent involvement of fund in this space.”

The firm is already seeing significant movement in the space and would be interested in businesses that have a desire to combine global ambitions and socially responsible narratives into products and projects they create.

According to Deimen, many media startups in the region are maturing quickly: “They are combining crowdsourced ideas and funds into highly coordinated campaigns for audiences’ hearts and minds.” But he stressed that traditional avenues of entertainment like film and television will stay relevant, especially with content that’s compelling enough to have a second and third lifespan through new modes of consumption.

Deimen thinks it is crucial to view content as the driving engagement factor for new delivery tools. “You don’t create a Netflix without having good programmes and films ready," he said. "Tech leaders and funds need to see that partnering with creative producers and storytellers will be a key part of distinguishing themselves in the marketplace.”

Aurora Media Capital is part of Aurora Media Holdings. Its other founders are Terence Kong and Jeremy Sim. Its backers include high-net-worth individuals, wealth-management funds and corporate advisory boards.

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