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Dec 20, 2017

Samsung makes people forget TV, using TV

Digital hypnosis is the centrepiece of the company’s latest campaign, in conjunction with HBO.

Samsung makes people forget TV, using TV

Everyone has their favourites TV shows and movies, the ones we watch over and over again. What would you give to experience them for the first time again?

Well, a QLED TV, Samsung are hoping. Not known to shy away from ambitious campaigns, the company’s latest effort in Sweden, ‘Unspoil Me’, is a digital hypnotherapy service, created in conjunction with two accredited hypnotists, designed to make you forget a beloved TV show or film.

In partnership with HBO, users will apparently "experience your favourite TV series as if it were the first time". Oh, and it’s best experienced on a Samsung QLED TV, by the way, as it features “a wide range of content and remarkable picture quality”.

People talk a lot about ‘experience’ and ‘immersion’ in marketing these days, but Samsung have really taken the biscuit – or acorn: the Unspoil Me experience must be uninterrupted, headphones are recommended, and it takes a whopping 23 minutes. Take that, industry noise around rapidly shrinking flea-like attention spans!

Hypnosis isn’t for everyone, though, so Samsung has ticked that box by making users tick a box declaring they are 18 or over and “mentally healthy” before they try the service. 

Given the length of the campaign, and Ad Nut’s dedication to his craft during the work day, Ad Nut has not yet tested ‘Unspoil Me’. Helpfully, Samsung have released a video of someone who has successfully – big surprise – but one can’t help but be intrigued at the prospect of Samsung’s latest effort, and Ad Nut is sure it will set tongues wagging. 

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