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Sep 22, 2015

Salty fish aims to inspire Hong Kong's young generations

From Hong Kong: FWD's "You dare to go, we dare to protect you" campaign by IPG.

Salty fish aims to inspire Hong Kong's young generations

Ad Nut smells something fishy. Is it the salty fish?

FWD has launched a campaign with the aim of "encouraging working holiday goers to explore the world and take their opportunities, just like FWD's brand value, which is to enable clients to live their lives to the fullest."  

The business objective of course, is to "create brand awareness and induce brand consideration and highlight the product of Working Holiday Insurance."

At the core of the campaign is the idea of salty fish, which plays on a popular Stephen Chow movie, Shaolin Soccer, in which Chow famously says in Chinese, "If we ain’t got dreams, how are we different to salted fish?”

The campaign, which aims to target the aspirational gen-Y demographic and inspire them to go on a working holiday, has been released in three phases using popular youth media like 100 Most and a mix of outdoor and online media.

The campaign boils down to a competition mechanic, in which users can register through an app for a chance to win a working holiday or travel insurance cover plan.

Unfortunately, data on the demographic size and market potential of would-be working holiday goers is unavailable. Ad Nut was curious and asked this question but was told the data isn't the focus of the campaign.   





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