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Jan 28, 2016

Qantas compares flyers to sheep in new safety video

SYDNEY - Ad Nut has applauded the trend towards more interesting airline safety vids but this attempt isn't quite the all-singing, all-dancing fest needed to retain this squirrel's attention.

Qantas compares flyers to sheep in new safety video

"You're in safe hands," says George Bush's Australian double as he tenderly hands over a sheep. 

What Qantas and Tourism Australia are trying to say by this, Ad Nut doesn't dare speculate. 

According to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, the video which "showcases friendly Australians" is meant to "grab people’s attention and get them focused on the safety information that every Qantas customer needs to know", while giving them the warm fuzzies.

Sadly, Ad Nut could barely make it through this interminable and dull tourism video with inspirational muzak as it took viewers through:

An oxygen mask demonstration at the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart;
A life-jacket demonstration at Bondi Icebergs;
A brace position demonstration during a yoga class on Hamilton Island;
Counting rows to the exit on a Yarra Valley winery;
An emergency slide demonstration at Josephine Falls in Queensland; and
A no smoking reminder on Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain, among others.  

The video will start playing on Qantas' domestic and international flghts in February where it will be viewed by nearly 30 million people a year, claimed the carrier.

Qantas chose not to work with a traditional agency on this project. Credits go to director Josh Whiteman in collaboration with +Ape and executive producer, Jason Byrne. Bruce Heald from Noise created the music score. 

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