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Jan 18, 2017

Private view: A sassy goose, a stalker and some hidden heros

Caspar Schlickum and Tony Chang of Wunderman share their reactions to work from Air New Zealand, Asus, Tokyu Corp, Dzire and Income.

Private view: A sassy goose, a stalker and some hidden heros

In Private View, we ask two creative leaders to comment on recent work from around the region.

This month's participants:

  • Caspar Schlickum , chief executive officer, APAC, at Wunderman
  • Tony Chang, planning director, Wunderman China

1. Air New Zealand
Project: A better way to fly
Client: Air New Zealand
Agency: True, Auckland

Schlickum: Never work with animals, unless they are animated! Dave the Goose is a surprisingly funny creative vehicle for a series of memorable ads, and a good way to draw attention to a very diverse product (from lounges, to food to beds). Meeting his voice at the end is a nice touch. We know that humour works, and judging by the social media response to the campaign, it has. Although, Dave the Goose probably should have his own Twitter account.

Chang: Using animal figures is usually fun, but Dave the Goose doesn’t maximise animal humour. If ‘A better way to fly’ means no need to sacrifice comfort for time, then play around with time-saving myths, not a goose struck by lightning.

2. Asus
Project: Zenphone3
Client: Asus Indonesia
Agency: Chai Advertising

Schlickum: Beautifully filmed, feels premium and aspirational. But it also feels a little creepy, and with everyone permanently carrying a camera in their pockets, I wonder if this ad is sending the right message.

Chang: Good cinematography but a clichéd product feature demo. ‘Stalker’ tries to play with gender stereotypes but the storyline fails to be sexy. The audience needs to see a much stronger plot twist than this ‘Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ plot.

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3. Makeup shaming
Project: My diary of Tokyu lines
Client: Tokyu Corp Japan
Agency: In-house

Schlickum: Personally I have never found people applying make-up in trains all that offensive — although I have often marvelled at the logistics involved; I can barely read a newspaper without falling over when the train goes around a corner. But the ad has certainly sparked a conversation in Japan, and if the idea was to get people talking, it has done the trick.

Chang: What’s the real objective of this? Instead of encouraging good train etiquette, the ad creates reconciliation with a dramatic protest for the silent ones. Now all the beautiful Tokyo women are pacified because they know their inner voices are heard loud and clear through the actor.

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4. Dzire
Project: Welcome to a lovelier world
Client: Dzire India
Agency: Dentsu Impact

Schlickum: If you buy this car you will go to better parties, sing and dance, and your husband will fall back in love with you and stop talking on the phone. Did I mention that Mrs S has gone out to buy a new car?

Chang: I can’t find a connection between the story, tagline and product. Is it appealing to the lovely couple or unlovely one? Does jealousy lead to love? I feel sympathy that there is no empathy in this story.

5. Income
Project: People first
Client: Income
Agency: BBH Singapore

Schlickum: I love the use of social media to identify real stories and heroes who deserve recognition. It tugs at the heartstrings and although the link to the product is a little tenuous, the ad certainly brings the company’s idea of putting people first to life. This is a good springboard: I wonder if they went further with citizens awards or some other recognition.

Chang: Smart insight and strategy. Everyone has a hidden hero in their hearts. Transferring that to the brand is a good move. People are often moved in their hearts, before they are convinced in their heads.

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