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Apr 15, 2016

People in coolers want you to try Vita's Hong Kong-style coffee

From Hong Kong: “Running Coffee” by Vita from DDB Group Hong Kong

People in coolers want you to try Vita's Hong Kong-style coffee

Ad Nut drinks a lot of coffee and can relate to the sleepy man in this ad. But that's as far as the squirrel's empathy goes. The 15-second spot from Vita gets its message across, but is it original? Ad Nut thinks not. Ad Nut would probably like to try the coffee, but thanks to the bland ad is unlikely to remember it exists after this post is finished.

Here's some fun press release quotes:

Recognising the dominance of international coffee chains in the city and the fact that younger generation in Hong Kong are unfamiliar with Hong Kong style coffee, DDB Group Hong Kong has crafted a campaign that arouses interest around the authentic HK-style beverage and encapsulates the fading local essence for all Hong Kong people.

As well as the TVC, to generate buzz the campaign will also run on social media, in-store and on moving trucks.

To keep Hong Kong people awake throughout the day, free VITA coffee samples will be available at various spots, including office building's [sic] bus and gas stations. 



Executive Creative Director: Clifford Ng
Director of Client Services: Benny Ko
Group Creative Director: O Poon
Creative Director: Paul Yu
Associate Creative Director: Ben Ling
Senior Art Director: Tony Cheung
Art Director: Matthew Kwok
Account Director: Cafy Choi
Account Manager: Filly Zhang
Account Executive: Caro Siu, Ernest Tang
Head of TV Production: Annie Tong
TV Producer: Denise Wong 


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