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Feb 4, 2014

New Business League: Year-end 2013 rankings

Going into 2014, Ogilvy still tops creative list, while ZenithOptimedia sets the pace in media.

New Business League: Year-end 2013 rankings

Methodology: The New Business League has been compiled with the assistance of R3. Data from a number of multi-national agencies is collected and collated on a monthly basis and the collated data is balanced against client estimates, Nielsen ADEX, discounted to appropriate levels and then converted to a revenue estimate by R3. Please note that R3 does not audit the data provided by the agencies or the published results. All comments and queries should be sent to [email protected].



New rank Last rank Agency Wins Revenue gained (US$m) Recent losses YTD totals (US$m)
1 1 Ogilvy Cera C-cure Thai, The Economist HK, Watson Thailand 96.3 SPC Ardmona Aus 88.5
2 2 McCann WG Line Thailand, Piramal Healthcare India, SAP Thailand 65.4 Cigna Thai 63.1
3 3 DDB Honma Golf Korea, Huawei India, GHD New Zealand 62.9 Jyothy Labs 54.3
4 4 TBWA Black Yak Korea, Pocari Taiwan, Castrol Indonesia 37.3 Shinyoung Korea 34.8
5 5 JWT Microsoft Korea, Hyundai Pharm Korea, Seoul Milk 33.4 Pizza Hut India 27.1
6 6 Leo Burnett Galaxy GC, Motivation Taiwan, VP Bank Vietnam 27.3 Tata Chem India 24.2
7 7 Y&R Revlon, Sermsuk Thailand, DBS Singapore 27.9 Zydus India 23.7
8 8 Saatchi & Saatchi Mamee Double Decker Mal, PLI Mal, Union Pay China 24.3 Mondelez Sg 16.3
9 9 Lowe FWD Life Insurance Thailand, Bioprotec Malaysia 15.2 LIC Housing India 13.6
10 10 Grey Group Xiaomi China, Abbott Laboratories Hong Kong 14.2 Godiva Japan 13.1



New rank Last rank Agency Wins Revenue gained (US$m) Recent losses YTD totals (US$m)
1 1 ZenithOptimedia Carlsberg China, Reckitt Benckiser, Mengniu, Henkel Aus 38.1 Apollo Tyres 32.7
2 2 OMD Dong Feng Peugeot Citroen, Theme Parks Capital Aus 42.8 Sony Vaio Vn 28.4
3 3 Havas Media Seagate, Tourism Malaysia, Parmigiani Watch 18.6 Abbott Singapore 17.3
4 7 UM Uni-President China, Samsung India, Telekom Malaysia 24.8   17.2
5 4 Carat Black & White Milk (social) HK, Astro (digital) Malaysia 16.9 Mitsubishi Electric 15.6
6 8 Initiative Krungsri Bank Thailand, Coca-Cola Thailand (digital) 15.3   15.1
7 5 MEC Colgate China (digital), Abbott Sg, Japan 17.1 Henkel Australia 13.6
8 9 PHD Fererro Australia/New Zealand, Hasbro Singapore 12.2 Simple Singapore 11.7
9 6 Dentsu Media Kohler Vietnam, Yamaha Vietnam, MetLife Korea 12.3 Mondomobile Th 10.2
10 7 Starcom AB InBev China, Wanglaoji China, Mega We Care Vietnam 19.8 Samsung India 7.9



Rank Agency Account Market
1 TBWA Black Yak Korea
2 Grey Xiaomi Project China
3 Y&R Sermsuk Thailand
4 Y&R Revlon Project Regional
5 M&C Saatchi One Piece Digital Australia
6 Dentsu Yamaha Project Vietnam
7 Leo Burnett Galaxy (Grand Waldo) China
8 Ogilvy Cera C-cure Project Thailand
9 Y&R Chanel Project Korea
10 Y&R DBS Project Singapore



Rank Agency Account Market
1 Carat Mondelez Regional
2 OMD Dong Feng Peugeot China
3 ZenithOptimedia Mengniu (planning) China
4 UM Samsung India
5 ZenithOptimedia Reckitt Benckiser Regional
6 OMD Theme Parks Capital Australia
7 OMD Warner Bros Pictures Hong Kong
8 OMD Hasbro Regional
9 UM Uni President China Australia
10 PHD Ferrero Aus/NZ


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