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Dec 21, 2012

Nescafé moves beyond typical hard-sell TVCs with micro-movie campaign

SHANGHAI - Nescafé is using stories of real people who have taken the road less travelled to reach out to consumers in China with its 'Live out your boldness' campaign.

Nescafé moves beyond typical hard-sell TVCs with micro-movie campaign

A series of micro-movies released on video portal Youku ad based on the different flavours of its instant coffee product aims to make emotional connections and amplify Nescafé's brand essence. 

“There is a paradigm shift in the way that consumers think," said Adrian Ho, marketing director, Nescafé China. "Gone are the days where they will only look up to actors and singers on a stage. They now want to hear inspirational stories of real-life heroes."

Two micro-movies have associated the product variants of Nescafé instant coffee with the spirit of boldness. The first, which will launch tomorrow, features one of the online travel diaries of celebrity travel bloggers Zhang Qian Li and Zuo Shou (pictured below) who have travelled to 23 countries in 10 years.

The second micro-movie tells the story of Xiao Yang, a director/actor/producer who made a career switch in his 30s. The campaign will conclude on 10 February, 2013.

According to CNNIC and Nielsen data, there are 325 million online video users in China—two-thirds of all Chinese netizens. The penetration rate of online video among 15- to 40-year-olds in tier-one cities now equals that of traditional television.

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