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Sep 20, 2018

Miaozhen: The quickest route to success

Miaozhen’s latest work serves as a functional atlas of the marketing industry.

Miaozhen: The quickest route to success

As China’s leading third-party data marketing technology firm, Miaozhen Systems has the tall order of piecing together the groundwork for data acquisition and usage in an environment that is overflowing with it. With the revenue for big data and analytics solutions set to balloon to US$5.5 billion in the country by 2018, according to International Data Corporation, it’s a trend worth the time and attention it’s garnering.

On other fronts, the company also holds the reputation as one of China’s premier programmatic providers, and has taken up the gauntlet to standardise processes in a market still relatively new to the ad tech sphere.

Founded in 2006, Miaozhen has from the start sought to create workable business models for all players in the advertising industry, while simplifying operations at the same time. Its latest “subway” map is the result of those efforts. Created by the Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science (MAMS), the project’s aim is to parse out the framework of digital marketing for the benefit of marketers themselves, helping to structure a number of execution routes that those in the field can bank on when building the blueprints for successful campaigns.

MAMS itself is a research-oriented organisation established by Miaozhen through pooling their own industry resources. Far from an isolated project, the map represents a consolidation of the company’s own internal and external resources.

Getting around town

The main transportation hub is customer experience. From there, the “subway lines” are grouped much like actual metros, where one you must pass through a series of areas to arrive at a desired destination.

Transfer points are also of note. Ad verification for example sits at the crossroads of first party data operation, data analytics and programmatic buy. First party DMP is at the intersection of first party data operation, the “Data Lake” and third party data sources. “Dynamic website” also sits at a prime location that seems to receive a lot of foot traffic.

The ancillary branch lines are significant as well. The not-so-distant connections to new retail, fintech and ecommerce are points marketers need to be travelling to in the near future.
Miaozhen has, through expansion and acquisitions, also made good on building its own ecosystem based on this model. Its DMP, for one, has become a leading data solution that provides targeted advertising and incorporates data security.

Miaozhen’s vision for traversing digital marketing


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