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Aug 28, 2015

Is it wise to yell 'infection' in a crowded Singapore cinema?

From Singapore: 'Fear stunt', for AMC by Gyro

Is it wise to yell 'infection' in a crowded Singapore cinema?

Here's a seemingly mean-spirited stunt where cinema-goers learn they might have been infected by a virus while hazmat-suited figures perform tests and prevent people from leaving the theatre.

Ad Nut has no idea whether the people are actors or truly unsuspecting citizens, but has reached out to the agency to clarify.

It's meant to promote the AMC Networks programme Fear the Walking Dead. The original video (below) has more than 260,000 views, and the branded followup video (second video below)—which doesn't really explain things any better by the way—has more than 107,000. So jolly good.

However, Ad Nut notes that most of the comments seem to involve criticism of the people who are seen trying to get out of the theatre rather than sitting there and accepting their impending death for the good of all Singaporeans.

Ad Nut also believes that scare stunts reached their pinnacle with the telekinetic coffee shop and then jumped the shark with the scary baby carriage. And that was in January 2014. Give it a rest, people.


UPDATE: Find out what really happened here - actually happened in a Singapore cinema?! I’ve to be honest. This actually scared the ayam goreng lunch out of me. And if something scares the Vigilanteh, then you know that this is really fucking scary. Imagine you are one of the movie-goers. What will you do?--Did you know? Your cat is probably controlling you. Studies have shown that an infected human will have the unconscious need to own a cat, post pictures and watch videos of them. Here's why ➜

Posted by SMRT Ltd (Feedback) on Saturday, August 15, 2015


Fear, The Walking Dead

Many of you have asked about the Fear Experiment that happened in a Singapore cinema. "Why?" "What happened?!" "Where's the ending?" "Why are the infected fuckers running away even when they are told to stay put?". Well, here's what really happened.

Posted by SMRT Ltd (Feedback) on Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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