Babar Khan Javed
Apr 17, 2018

IPG Mediabrands launches first APAC media lab

Twelve years after launching its first media lab in Los Angeles, IPG Mediabrands has announced that Singapore will get its own this July.

Chad Stoller, global CIO of UM Worldwide and David Haddad, CEO of IPG Mediabrands Singapore.
Chad Stoller, global CIO of UM Worldwide and David Haddad, CEO of IPG Mediabrands Singapore.

By July 2018, IPG Mediabrands will launch a media lab for clients in the APAC region.

Announced today at an Outlook event in Singapore led by Chad Stoller, global chief innovation officer for UM, the media lab will focus on three areas:

  • Intelligence, insights, and strategy: According to Stoller, this function will translate the tactic behind a strategy for APAC markets for the company's global clients.
  • Partnerships: This part of the team will take meetings in the region to understand which people and companies are creating the changes in the ecosystem that IPG Mediabrands is forecasting, according to the company.
  • Connections and delivery: This team will make sure that existing global clients are being serviced with the intelligence.

"It becomes the second office for us in the 12-year history of media labs," said Stoller. "The reasons we want to do this is that we know that here in Asia this is where trends happen and where trends tend to mutate a little bit."

Stoller regards the varied responses in the APAC to trust issues and media habits as being examples of the mutation that is unique to the region, adding that the players in the region are not the same as dominant forces that exist globally.

"We think its very important that we start expanding our global footprint," he said.

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