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Jan 7, 2016

How not to market an actually quite impressive translation tool

From Japan: 'Kisses in Tokyo' for Logbar's iLi Wearable Translator (agency unknown)

How not to market an actually quite impressive translation tool

Who said charm and finesse were important when it comes to impressing the ladies? Clearly all you need is an iLi translation device.

An ad that rivals Samsung’s Galaxy Gear work for its cheesiness has a non-Japanese-speaking hero roam Tokyo, attempting, with the help of his trusty translator, to persuade a multitude of improbably awestruck young women to let him kiss them. Among the killer lines the Wearable Translator is shown capable of deciphering is: "Today's weather is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you."

Ad Nut is hopeful about being invited to test the device out on some unsuspecting deer and other attractive woodland creatures who have so far been unapproachable due to a language barrier. Ad Nut is also extremely hopeful that the device is more functional in reality than Logbar's ring from a couple of years ago.

Ad Nut is not sure if an agency is behind this nugget. For reasons Ad Nut does fully understand, none appears to have owned up to it.

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