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Dec 20, 2018

Happy holidays and see you in the new year!

Daily coverage resumes January 2nd. In the meantime, read our poetic holiday wish...

Happy holidays and see you in the new year!

We'll be back in the new year, but we know not all of you can wait that long.  Be sure to check out some of the compilations of our best work from 2018 on our homepage.  

Oh, and because this is a season of giving, you're welcome for the poem below.


Twas the last day at Campaign
And all through our offices
Not an editor was stirring
Not even a Faaez

The stories were hung
On the homepage with care
In hopes nothing breaking
Would need to land there

But WeChat was still
A hive of activity
If only China stood still
To let Jenny be

On Dentsu, on Asatsu...
On Haku and hodo,
No news in Japan please,
Leave David alone-oh!

But then on Matt’s TweetDeck
there arose such great bluster
What the heck was this?
Another WPP cluster****?

We all turned to Olivia
But her face was still calm
“Wasn’t me this time,”
“Didn’t drop a news bomb.”

But with buzz in the air
Infesting every walled garden
We knew it had to be
The dreaded Grinch of Sir Martin

This creature conjures headlines
Wherever he goes
His suits? Made of newsprint
From his head to his toes

‘‘Twas the right S4 Christmas
And I’m still feeling hollow
Surely there’s another
strong independent to swallow.”

“And since I’m a mentor
To all I have coached
Let me scan the horizon
For more ex-staff to poach.”

Robert artfully delegated
Yelling “Write something quick!”
“How about a video?”
Asked the Ghost of St. Rick.

“No time for that!” said Matt
Right on the ball.
“But what if this holiday
We wrote nothing at all?”

And we stood round the news desk
To give it some thought
And decided that- yes,
We’ll just let the news rot.

So this is our gift
To our industry
Have a happy holiday
And enjoy some rare peace.



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