Babar Khan Javed
Jul 24, 2017

Google updates its feed to improve contextual messaging

Google has updated the feed in its search app to include data points across Google apps and offer users actionable ideas and advice on how they can pursue their interests.

Google updates its feed to improve contextual messaging

An update to the Google feed app will now split the UI into two sections.

On the one hand, users will have access to information that surrounds shared interests such as sports, news, and entertainment. On the other, users will be able to see data points that are relevant only to them, such as upcoming meetings, flights, or appointments.

Based on a users search history, Google's machine learning is pulling information to understand what users are interested in and the natural progression of their commercial interests in line with browsing behavior. So people watching YouTube videos of their favorite band performing live will be prompted to upcoming concerts that do not clash with their important dates (synced with Google Calendar). People who are taking a flight to Kuala Lumpur will be recommended HoReCa options in the city that coincide with their lunch hours or scheduled meetings.

While the update is currently limited to the app, it likely be reflected for desktop users as well as mobile users on Google's home page, which means the iconic design will be a customized makeover. This means that with time the Google home page will become the destination for a user to visit in order to better contextualize their day and interests, without having to worry about likes or shares.

By condensing actions across all Google apps, the suggestions offered better equip users to pursue their interests in the real world. As with all products and tools by Google, advertisers, and agencies can expect to see "feed" as an option within DoubleClick and AdWords, offering them a better chance to be suggested either with paid channels like SEM or PPC or with organic long term channels like voice or location-based search optimization.

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