Babar Khan Javed
Aug 15, 2017

Google updates app-marketing toolkit

The update to UAC (Universal App Campaigns) gives publishers and developers more options for performance-based campaigns.

Google updated its app marketing tool with additional campaign options that attract diverse advertisers.
Google updated its app marketing tool with additional campaign options that attract diverse advertisers.

Two years ago, Google introduced Universal App Campaigns to help app developers generate downloads. Now dubbed the UAC, the tool uses machine learning to help app developers find best-fit users across Google Play, Google Search, YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Distributed using a CPA model across the Google networks, the UAC allows Google to use a range of signals, such as in-market segment behavior, to identify prospective users, even segmenting between those with the ability to pay for a freemium app.

According to Google, the UAC drives 140 percent more conversions per dollar than other Google app-promotion products. From October 16, every app-install campaign will run as UAC ads while the current app-install campaigns will conclude on November 15.

The two new variants of the UAC differ based on app developers' marketing objectives. The first focuses on a revenue model around the cost of customer acquisition, wherein the marketer informs Google of its budget and willingness to pay threshold. The UAC then applies machine learning to identify qualified users based on the parameters set while aiming to keep acquisition costs below the minimum bid.

The second campaign type in UAC is for online retailers and is based on the revenue the campaign generates. As marketers' objectives vary across categories and digital assets, more options in the UAC around CPI, CPA, and ROAS will only encourage further usage of the platform for app marketers.

For app publishers and developers interested to convert their campaigns, follow this guide.

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