Racheal Lee
Sep 16, 2013

From creative solutions to innovation: Dentsu

SPIKES ASIA 2013 - The industry has seen the shift from creative solutions to innovation, as providing creative solutions to marketing needs is becoming too limiting, senior planning director at Dentsu Koichi Yamamoto, said.

Koichi Yamamoto
Koichi Yamamoto

Speaking at Spikes Asia 2013 for the session “From solution to innovation”, Yamamoto noted that this shift comprises two important changes, namely the shift from creativity to innovation and the shift from solutions to innovations.

These changes, accelerated by the spread of the internet, can be seen, for example, through the introduction of new Cannes Lions categories over the years, including the Media Lions in 1999, Titanium Lions in 2005 and Innovation Lions this year.

“There are a few distinct differences in creativity and innovation,” Yamamoto said. “Creativity is artistic and innovation is scientific. Creativity also tends to be about impact on how we feel, while innovation is more about a broader impact on our lives.”


While creativity is often discussed in terms of unthinkable ideas, innovation is about breakthroughs and doing the impossible, he said.

As consumers become more and more informed and marketing-literate, and the marketing environment becomes more and more cluttered, direct target marketing becomes ineffective, he asserted. 

“Consumers either see what you come up with as a marketing ploy or it gets lost among the countless marketing activities targeting the same thing,” he said. “However, if you zoom out and identify a higher level issue, often times it becomes an efficient route to getting at the marketing issue.”



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