Ranjani Raghupathi
Mar 3, 2015

Engagement Meter: Tears, free breakfast and a strange hand gesture

MetLife, Meru Cabs and Swarovski land atop top this week's Engagement Meter, curated by Unmetric.

Engagement Meter: Tears, free breakfast and a strange hand gesture

Unmetric, a social media intelligence firm focused on brands, uses its analytics platform to uncover the top performing campaigns, content and videos in the APAC region. Unmetric's Engagement Score rates each piece of content from 0 to 1000 depending on the amount of user interactions, which allows easy comparison of content regardless of the number of fans or followers a brand has. For the weekly Engagement Meter feature, Unmetric curates the list to pick the most creative, innovative or unusual initiatives. Here is a roundup of a few of the best in the period of 21 to 27 February.

Love is a powerful emotion, both in real life and on digital media. Take a look at how brands became cognizant of this emotion and leveraged it to create beautiful campaigns.

1. MetLife Asia
Engagement Score: 1,000

Every little girl loves her daddy, but what happens when she writes about it? This beautiful, emotionally powerful video shows the major sacrifices parents make for their kids and how even the youngest of them are sensitive to this huge contribution to their life. Despite being uploaded two weeks ago, this tearjerker has continued to receive plenty of attention over the last week. The video gained 4,000 views in the last seven days.


2. Meru Cabs India
Engagement Score: 1,000

Humour is a proven winning strategy for ad campaigns. Meru Cab’s mischievous commercial pokes fun at the hand gesture used to hail cabs, showing how much easier it is to just book a Meru on the phone. The TV spot on YouTube received 408,000 of its 775,000 views in just the last 7 days.


3. Swarovski Indonesia
Engagement Score: 1,000

The luxury brand continued its campaign of love by posting heart-shaped lockets and rings for the Valentine’s month. In less than four days, the post has attracted over 4,500 Likes. The brand created similar love-themed posts based on stunning pieces of jewellery for its broader content strategy as well.



4. Uniqlo Indonesia
Engagement Score: 1,000

Emoji are an accepted form of language now and mainstream enough for even brands to start using them. Line Messenger took the phenomena to the next level by offering users a whole range of characters and icons. Uniqlo understood how much their customers love these and brought back a line of t-shirts based on them. The post got a massive 21,000 Likes. Listening to its audience and designing a clothing range for them worked wonders for the retail brand on social media.



5. McDonald’s Philippines
Engagement Score: 1,000

This is the third time McDonald’s Philippines has outperformed competitors and made it into the weekly Engagement Meter. There might be no such thing as a free lunch, but the iconic QSR brand has made sure you can't say the same about breakfast, by offering free McMuffins on National Breakfast Day. Even though the actual event is more than a week away, the hashtag has already been used 2,300 times by the Twitterati. This campaign made peoples’ love for breakfasts evident, especially ones that are free and planned in advance!


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