Ranjani Raghupathi
Jan 26, 2015

Engagement Meter: From clean water to free coffee

Hindustan Unilever's CSR effort, Everyuth's' how-to videos and Starbucks' two-for-one offer land atop top this week's Engagement Meter, compiled by Unmetric.

Engagement Meter: From clean water to free coffee

Unmetric, a social media intelligence firm focused on brands, uses its analytics platform to uncover the top performing campaigns, content and videos in the APAC region. Unmetric's Engagement Score rates each piece of content from 0 to 1000 depending on the amount of user interactions, which allows easy comparison of content regardless of the number of fans or followers a brand has. For the weekly Engagement Meter feature, Unmetric curates the list to pick the most creative, innovative or unusual initiatives. Here is a roundup of a few of the best in the period of 16 through 22 January.

Content creation for social media is a challenge given the frequency at which campaigns are being run. In this competitive space, here is a list of campaign that managed to exceed expectations.

1. Hindustan Unilever India
Engagement Score: 1,000

To engage its communities on social media, Hindustan Unilever India leveraged the CSR activities it is currently carrying out. On Facebook, the brand received a massive 81,000 Likes and 1,500 Shares on just three posts. This would be an unusually high number even for popular brands on social media, so Hindustan Unilever has really excelled here.


On Twitter, the campaign’s hashtag #brightfuture was used 1,080 times in just a week. The brand’s 33 tweets put together gave it 600 Retweets and 450 Favorites.

Playing on their CSR activities obviously worked well for Hindustan Unilever. Much like P&G’s 'Thank You Mom' and this campaign, campaigns that are bigger than the brand itself and don’t focus on individual products perform a lot better for parent companies.

2. Everyuth Naturals
Engagement Score: 1,000

The personal care brand launched an extensive YouTube campaign that portrayed a few ''how-to' type videos. In the period of one week, the brand had 71,000 new views and grew the channel views at a rate of 90 per cent.

On Facebook, Everyuth extend the campaign only in terms of concept, meaning their posts were about their product itself. These engaged above average for the brand.


By basing the videos on highly relatable content, the brand was able to engage its audiences. The one opportunity that the brand missed out on was to make the campaign cross-channel integrated. If Everyuth could have driven traffic from one network to another and led the audience to a digital property that would’ve continued to engage them, the campaign could have performed better.

3. Starbucks Singapore
Engagement Score: 999

Starbucks knows how much their customers enjoy their coffee, and so it gave them an offer to get a beverage free between 3 pm and 7 pm. The brand's excited audience responded by sharing the offer over 1,400 times and commenting 320 times.


By giving customers a simple freebie, Starbucks didn’t just get great social media engagement and a huge share of voice, but also gave the social community an extra excuse to walk into a Starbucks.

4. Bolt from Tata Motors
Engagement Score: 953

Tata Motors’ latest campaign comes from its auto brand Bolt. The social leg of the campaign invited the brand's online community to participate in a contest: a Twitter race. On Facebook, the brand grew its fan base at a rate of 1.3 per cent, which is almost four times the industry average.


On Twitter, users had to tweet the brand with #GetSetBolt and the hashtag of the team they supported. With constant updates and timely tweets, the brand managed to keep its follower base engaged and plugged in to how the contest was progressing.

The one takeaway here is that even a mass-media campaign should and can be altered into a campaign that is suitable for a social audience. By making the launch a “race” on Twitter, the brand was able to engage users while also driving home its message. Another interesting feature of the campaign was how the brand used other social networks to support its efforts on Twitter.

5. Idea
Engagement Score: 810

In one of its most innovative campaigns, Idea took the brand away from “No ullo banaoing” ("No making a fool") to educating the rural parts of India. In this campaign, characters owe their knowledge to IIN (Idea Internet Network) which is a play on India’s leading business school chain—IIM. With multiple posts on this theme, the brand’s fan base grew at a rate twice that of the industry average. The post below received over 40,000 Likes.

Post by Idea.

With the campaign, the brand garnered over 750,000 new views in under a week and also had 650 new subscribers.

What’s interesting is that the brand ran the campaign extensively only on Facebook and YouTube while it ran other contests on Twitter. This shows how the brand carefully chooses networks for its campaigns and filters content to suit the different audiences.

About the author

Ranjani Raghupathi is marketing executive at Unmetric. You can follow her on Twitter @ranjanithinks.



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