Ranjani Raghupathi
Jan 5, 2015

Engagement Meter: Brands in Asia soak in year-end festivities

While the rest of the world enjoyed the warmth of hot cocoa and the sound of crackling gift wrappers, social-media marketers were busy running the most festive campaigns of the calendar year.

Engagement Meter: Brands in Asia soak in year-end festivities

Unmetric, a social media intelligence firm focused on brands uses its analytics platform to uncover the top performing campaigns, content and videos in the APAC region. Unmetric's Engagement Score rates each piece of content from 0 to 1000 depending on the amount of user interactions, which allows easy comparison of content regardless of the number of fans or followers a brand has. For the weekly Engagement Meter feature, Unmetric curates the list to pick the most creative, innovative or unusual initiatives. Here is a roundup of a few of the best in the period of 19th December 2014 to 1 January 2015.

1. Delhi Airport
Engagement Score: 1,000

Christmas and New Year are busy times for airports and a great opportunity for them to reach out and engage travellers with a little festive cheer. Delhi Airport surprised travellers with a Christmas giveaway contest, as shown in the tweet below. Both tweets and Facebook posts urged fans to describe an image in one word.

The brand only had to use the campaign's hashtag #FestiveAir 94 times before the social community used it over 112,000 times. During the period analysed, Delhi Airport earned itself over 47,000 Comments and 7,400 Shares on Facebook and 75,000 Replies and 6,800 Retweets on Twitter. This gave the brand a solid unfluctuating engagement score of 1,000. It was the most engaging holiday campaign that we found from all the brands we monitor in the APAC region.


On Facebook, Delhi Airport experienced a fan growth rate of over 16 per cent for the last couple of weeks of December, which is 11 times the industry average. On Twitter it had a follower growth rate of 13.2 per cent which is almost five times the industry average. This was one of the most engaging campaigns for the airport in all of 2014.

2. McDonald's Philippines
Engagement Score: 1,000

The brand's Christmas campaign centred around Bacon Cheeseburgers. What started off with a free giveaway of burgers later ended up at a discounted rate.


The brand received over 135,000 Likes on this single post and also grew at a rate almost twice the industry average. On Twitter, the hashtag #JustAddBacon was the second most engaging hashtag of the time period, with a score of 179. Post the campaign, the brand's follower growth rate on Twitter was over twice the industry average.

3. Amazon India
Engagement Score: 946

The Yureka phone was launched with this campaign. Amazon tapped in to the superhero craze that Hollywood is creating and asked followers to share the one superpower they wished their phone had.

The tweet received over 850 Replies, some of which were hilarious and 150 Retweets which is the highest in the time period analysed.


The same campaign was run on Facebook as well, but it received fewer interactions and less engagement. Though the brand didn't extend this campaign to YouTube, its CSR initiative #SmileOnWithAmazon gave the brand over 650,000 new views and a subscriber growth rate of 27 per cent.


4. Norton India
Christmas Greetings
Engagement Score: 1,000

For a brand that belongs to a non-sexy industry (antivirus software), Norton got very smart with its Christmas post. The image contained suspicious elements that users were asked to guess and share in the comments. The post received over 67,000 Likes, 3,700 Shares and an engagement score of 1,000.


While preparing this week's Engagement Meter, I also used Unmetric’s social-media search engine to find other engaging Christmas posts from brands. A few other highly engaging and creative posts came from Volkswagen India, Maaza India and Visa Hong Kong.

5. Titan Indonesia
Engagement Score: 1,000

Titan’s Christmas campaign was a huge hit on Facebook. The brand urged fans to share a picture which captured the #JoyOfGifting to win an exclusive prize. The similarly themed posts gave the brand over 125,000 Likes in just a week.

Post by Titan.

The brand garnered an engagement score of 1,000, which is over six times the industry average. The campaign also gave the brand a fan growth rate of 14.5 per cent which is much higher than the industry average of 0.9 per cent. The brand ran similar campaigns across geographies in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Philippines, and gained great engagement on all campaigns.

The takeaway here is that just because each APAC country is different doesn’t mean your campaigns have to be different and unique to each country. Sometimes a successful campaign in one country can be rolled out to others. 


About the author

Ranjani Raghupathi is marketing executive at Unmetric. You can follow her on Twitter @ranjanithinks.

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