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Jan 21, 2016

Don't miss Watsons Malaysia's over-the-top CNY celebrity spectacular

From Malaysia: 'HappyBeautifulYear', by Watsons Malaysia

Don't miss Watsons Malaysia's over-the-top CNY celebrity spectacular

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Five overacting aunties, falsetto singing, slapstick humour, celebrity cameos, men in drag, suggestive fruit...this video from Watsons Malaysia has everything Ad Nut could want in a madcap Chinese New Year video—and then some.

One of Ad Nut's colleagues observed that emulating the most hackneyed tropes of Hong Kong advertising might not be the greatest idea, and another reacted by saying, "What the [expletive deleted] did I just watch?"

But those colleagues just don't know fun when they see it. Ad Nut is grateful to the Watsons Malaysia marketing team, which made this masterpiece with support from Astro and Woohoo Pictures. HappyBeautifulYear indeed!


In case you need more crazy auntie action, there's also a making-of video:


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