Chris Reed
Sep 17, 2012

Do women need more loyalty cards than men?

DBS have recently launched a “Woman’s card” to compete with UOB’s “Lady’s card” in the battle for bank card loyalty amongst "females" in Singapore.Quite why the banks think that women need their ...

Do women need more loyalty cards than men?

DBS have recently launched a “Woman’s card” to compete with UOB’s “Lady’s card” in the battle for bank card loyalty amongst "females" in Singapore.

Quite why the banks think that women need their own card when there are hundreds of very similar normal loyalty cards already on the market in both financial and non-financial circles is beyond me  but apparently they do, but do women want them?

I am still waiting for the first “man’s card” to be followed very swiftly by a competitive “Lads card”, “Guy’s card” and “Boy’s card”. What branding will the next female loyalty card in Singapore be? The “Girl’s card”  The "Pink card" or even better the male foreigner friendly “SPG card”……?

They will soon run out of gender description which can only lead to breaking down the market even more. The “Gay’s card” is just around the corner as is the “Partner’s card” or “Unmarried’s card”…..both of these will be in black and only available under the counter……

The branding proposition differs ever so slightly on both cards. DBS claims their card is “made just for you in recognition of everything that defines you as a woman” …so basic retail and leisure offers and a high APR?

UOB are less flowery and aimless saying simply that their card “gives you exclusive offers for your essentials like female wellness, beauty and fashion”.

With a strapline of “Because women come first…..” (without any apparent irony or double entendre) DBS have stacked up the benefits of the “Woman’s card” against the “Lady’s card”.

Both are aiming at people earning over 30k, both charge $60, both are exclusively for females. DBS do charge for a supplementary card whereas UOB don’t. Does that mean that UOB are lesbian friendly? Or is this for daughters/mothers/sisters?

In terms of benefits (which is why anyone would take up one of these cards), DBS offers a Mums and Tykes program, exclusive treats at Fossil, Fox Kids,  Jean Yip, Browhaus, Raffles Medical and the very cool but slightly patronising "Chic Companion Card: which is a mini version of the card that apparently is “small enough to fit into your purse for that great night out”.

UOB offers California Fitness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle benefits  such as, Marina Bay Sands exclusive  dining benefits, along with UOB travel planning benefits.

UOB late fee is $5 more expensive than DBS, foreign currency withdrawal is 0.5% more expensive on UOB than on DBS.

Here comes the money shot….both have a staggering 24% apr so go wisely on those Christian Louboutin’s girls you could be paying allot more than $2k by the time you have put it one of the “Girl’s card”.....


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