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Nov 20, 2015

Dentsu announces changes to its board

TOKYO - Dentsu has announced changes to its board members and executive officers, including the retirement of director and EVP Yuzuru Kato and appointment of Jerry Buhlmann as a senior vice-president from his current position as executive officer.

Dentsu announces changes to its board

The moves follow a change in governance structure, which was also announced today. Dentsu will move from having an audit and supervisory board to having an audit and supervisory committee. As a result, a third of the company’s board will be made up of independent outside directors. Four of the nine directors will serve as members of the new committee.

The nine directors and board member candidates include:

Tadashi Ishii, representative director
Shoichi Nakamoto, director
Yoshio Takada, director
Tim Andree, director
Kunihiro Matsushima, director

(Newly appointed audit and supervisory committee members)
Kenichi Kato, director
Atsuko Toyama, independent outside director
Toshiaki Hasegawa, independent outside director
Kentaro Koga, independent outside director

Outgoing members of the board include:

Yuzuru Karo, director (Kato will serve as executive advisor)
Akira Tonouchi, director
Kazufumi Hattori, director
Toshihiro Yamamoto, director
Yutaka Nishizawa, outside director
Masaki Fukuyama, outside director

All of Dentsu’s 29 executive officers will step down on 31 December 2015, with the following appointed on 1 January 2016:

Tadashi Ishii, president and CEO
Shoichi Nakamoto, senior executive vice-president and CFO
Yoshio Takada, EVP
Tim Andree, EVP (executive chairman, Dentsu Aegis Network)
Naoki Tani, SVP (head of Dentsu Inc, Chubu)
Akira Tonouchi, SVP
Toshihiro Yamamoto, SVP
Kazufumi Hattori, SVP (head of Dentsu Inc, Kansai)
Yasuo Motoi, SVP
Wataru Mochizuki, SVP
Jerry Buhlmann, SVP (CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network)
Hiroaki Sano, SVP
Kunihiro Matsushima, executive officer
Tsuneo Ogasawara, executive officer
Nobuyuki Tohya, executive officer
Tsuyoshi Iwashita, executive officer
Seiji Ito, executive officer
Yuichi Okubo, executive officer
Yoshiaki Suzuki, executive officer
Keiichi Maeda, executive officer
Kiyoshi Nakamura, executive officer
Yoshiharu Sengoku, executive officer
Toshiya Oyama, executive officer
Norio Kamijo, executive officer
Takashi Yagi, executive officer
Masahiko Hibi, executive officer
Motohiro Yamagishi, executive officer
Yutaka Ishikawa, executive officer (newly appointed)
Misao Toyoda, executive officer (newly appointed)

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