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Oct 28, 2014

DATA POINTS: Life according to young Asia

Y&R’s latest installment of its ongoing ‘Generation Asia’ study assesses attitudes on everything from cars to gay marriage. The full piece of research covers two demographics, which Y&R terms ‘Potential’ (those aged 18-35) and ‘Power’ (those aged 36-60).

DATA POINTS: Life according to young Asia

The following infographics focus on the region’s younger consumers and highlights the extremes of opinion between markets. The study follows an index in which 100 is the norm, below 100 is less in tune with a particular statement and above 100 is more in agreement with that statement.

Markets covered include China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

In keeping with their typical image, Filipinos stand out as being among the most fun loving and adventurous in Asia. More than other respondents, they believe happiness is more important than money, seek out products that reflect their personality and enjoy exploring unknown places.

In terms of communications, people seem to miss good old-fashioned ‘live’ interaction. The Chinese are by far the most open to sharing their lives on social media. The appetite for such behaviour is much lower in Malaysia and Thailand. And despite Hong Kongers’ affinity for instant messaging services, a high number admit that the habit is killing the art of conversation. Koreans, too, seem weary of technology despite their much-touted wired credentials. Many believe plugging in ultimately disconnects them from the people around them.

Saving remains a priority for young Chinese, but their love of luxury items seems undiminished. Chinese and Indian respondents in particular think owning luxury products is a sign of success. Koreans and Thais, by comparison, seem more secure in themselves without the aid of high-end brands.





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