Tim Addington
Mar 18, 2015

Content Marketing Sydney: Building a new marketing era

SYDNEY - A new era of marketing is emerging that goes beyond solely building relationships with consumers and focuses on creating loyalty by generating meaningful and emotional experiences through content generation.

Robert Rose
Robert Rose

Speaking at the Content Marketing Sydney conference, Robert Rose, chief strategy officer of the Content Marketing Institute also argued the function of marketing needs to fundamentally change and organisations need to restructure their operations to reflect how people now choose to interact with brands.

“I contend we are going into a new era,” Rose said. “It’s not that relationships are dead—far be it, there are still companies developing deep intimate relationships with consumers—but we are evolving into something different. We have to go beyond relationships and look at loyalty. Brands need to build a nurturing experience that helps build trust and challenges beliefs with customers so they understand their focus is differentiated from their competitors.”

He told delegates that with marketing being siloed as new technology or platforms have emerged, content creation is being stifled.

“There is a web team, a mobile team, a CRM team, the blog team and PR sitting at the end of the room," Rose said. "What we have done over the past seven to 10 years is throw boxes at the problem. Whenever a new technology or platform comes up we have created a new box for it. This has to stop because we will never scale.”

Rose added that digital had “changed everything” in three main areas; the evolution of the customer relationship; the democratisation of content experiences and the marketing evolution in the business.

Talking about how content production is no longer limited to traditional media publishers, he added: “We are now competing for the attention of our consumers 24 hours a day, every day. It is an attention-based economy. It is no longer good enough to capture it for 30 seconds and persuade them to buy, we have to capture, keep and hold it. It is the ease of publishing that has created all these problems.”

On marketing’s evolution in the business, Rose said: “We have to evolve beyond organising around channels. Marketing must be the strategic differentiator in our businesses. What we really do is describe value, what we are not good at yet is to create value using content that is separate from the product and service.

“We need to rethink the marketing process more broadly using content. Marketing doesn't change content’s purpose, content should change marketing’s purpose.”

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