Chris Reed
May 2, 2012

Car crash partnership marketing

Hot on the heels of the worst brand partnership of all time, Trump’s Success ( comes a very close ...

Car crash partnership marketing

Hot on the heels of the worst brand partnership of all time, Trump’s Success ( comes a very close second….Victoria Beckham and Range Rover.

British automaker Land Rover is creating hype for its Range Rover “Evoque” model designed by “model, singer and fashion designer” (I use these terms very lightly…..singer, really?, fashion designer, really?, model, really?) Victoria Beckham that the automaker has limited to 200 vehicles for sale worldwide (is that because that’s the most that the she can hope David will pay for?).

Land Rover created a viral multichannel campaign surrounding the vehicle release by putting on an event in the Chinese capital of Beijing April 22 that was backed by social media marketing via the automaker and Ms. Beckham. Why Beijing? Was she hoping that this would mean no one would criticize her and this terrible brand partnership?!

“Any time there is a partnership between two brands with two unique identities, you need to ensure that there are compatible equities to share between the two brands,” said Karen Kreamer, President (it's always bad if they are president....) of Ks Brand Consulting, Overland Park, KS, who put the deal together, clearly not recognizing any irony to what she was saying. Really? Range Rover and Victoria Beckham? What possible shared brand values do these two “brands” have?

“In the case of Range Rover’s collaboration with Victoria Beckham, there are shared equities between the two brands that make sense in terms of a brand partnership such as the British legacy, award-winning design credentials and global brand awareness,” she continued to justify her job with…so the fact that they are both British is enough is it? Award winning design?

Global brand awareness?….what evidence is there of this and if she is known for this it's for all the wrong reasons….she’s a laughing stock.  No one takes either of the Beckham's seriously…or if they do they are perpetuating the myth that brand “Beckham” means something to someone not related to either of them or trying to sell celebrity magazine or newspaper……!

Apparently Ms. Beckham worked with the Land Rover design team to create mood boards that reflected her personal style and

translated that into the bespoke vehicle. For example, Ms. Beckham inspired the use of rose gold from a similar-colored men’s watch she wore. If you were writing a parody of a celebrity endorsed car this would easily be produced and shown on Channel 4 as a “mockumentary”…….this surely cannot be taking itself it April 1st again?

The automaker hopes to draw the attention of affluent consumers in international markets such as China, Russia and Brazil where Land Rover is growing and where no one has heard of the Beckhams…or if they have they are the same sad people who clad themselves out in Burberry from top to tail and believe that they are both fashionable and tastefull…..and haven't yet realised that they look like a joke.

Ms. Beckham recently joined Facebook and is sharing news, photos and videos on her page about the vehicle. The Facebook page has accumulated more than 134,000  very very sad fans. That in itself says a lot about the kind of people on facebook…..and stupid enough to follow a plastic celeb.

The automaker is also using a microsite to showcase the vehicle at that shows artistic (no not that type of "artistic".....) photos of Ms. Beckham next to the vehicle….no really…it does….the days of naked ladies next to cars in the 70's springs to mind.......Donald Trump, all is forgiven, suddenly “Success by Trump” makes so much sense……..


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