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Aug 21, 2015

Campaign Viral Chart: Thai restaurant's Mother's Day ad is most shared

Ad Nut shares Campaign's Viral Chart of the week's most shared ads worldwide, compiled by Unruly and originally posted by Campaign UK.

Campaign Viral Chart: Thai restaurant's Mother's Day ad is most shared

1. Bar B Q Plaza: "the waiters' mom" by nudeJEH

Mother's Day in Thailand is celebrated on 12 August. So Bar B Q Plaza, a restaurant chain, enlisted Bangkok agency nudeJEH to make an ad which invites you to spare a thought for those in the hospitality industry, who often have to work during such special occasions. 

Released on 6 August, the film has been shared 157,702 times in the past seven days. It has amassed nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube at the time this story was published.

[Campaign Asia-Pacific's Ad Nut didn't much care for this work.]

2. Air New Zealand: Men In Black Safety Defenders by True Auckland

Fans of rugby, or the sci-fi comedy movie franchise Men In Black, might enjoy this. Air New Zealand has teamed up with the All Blacks, the country's rugby team, alongside a collection of international rugby greats for its airline safety video. 

It has been shared 98,476 times over the past week.

3. ROC "Cristiano Ronaldo in Disguise"

After dropping to number four last week, this video of the world football star in disguise is back at number three in the chart. It shows the Portuguese forward showing off his skills in Madrid as a promotiion or a line of headphones through Ronaldo’s company, ROC Live Life Loud.

It has received 96,306 shares in the past seven days.

4. Kleenex "unlikely best friends" by VSA Partners, USA

This ad used to be an ever-present in the top three, then dropped away, and is now back in the chart at number four. It tells the story of a man in a wheelchair becoming best friends with a puppy who has also lost the use of its legs. It has been shared 77,202 times in the past week.

5. Coca-Cola "Trao c?m xúc, nh?n h?nh phúcexus"

The soft drink giant wanted to give people the chance to express their most deeply-felt emotions to their loved ones: sort of like ITV's Surprise Surprise but with cans of Coke emblazoned with creepy emoticons.

The ad is in Vietnamese and the title means: "Coca-Cola Talking, Talking Emotional". It has been shared 46,614 times in the past week.

6. Samsung "Introducing the Galaxy Note5"

This ad was published on YouTube on 13 August, but has already been viewed over 23 million times on the website at the time of publication. It has been shared 36,952 times over the past seven days.

7. DC Shoes "Robbie Maddison’s pipe dream" by DC Shoes

After two weeks at the top, DC Shoes' water-skiing motorcycle find itself mid-table. Released on 2 August, it has been shared 28,877 times in the last week and has been viewed on Facebook over 16 million times so far.

8. Playstation: Announcing The Star Wars™ Limited Edition

Star Wars fans are a numerous and loyal breed, but with a new movie in the franchise coming out soon, Jedi-mania is sure to hit even loftier heights and there is a lot of content demand to satisfy. This video game ad was shared 26,903 times over the past seven days.

9. Google: Introducing Project Sunroof

An environmentally-conscious effort this week from Google: Project Sunroof uses information that’s in Google Maps to figure out how much sun falls on a roof and takes into account stuff like the angle of the roof, the weather, and obstructions like trees and chimneys. Then it uses those measurements to figure out how many panels you might need and how much you could save on your electric bill. 

It has been shared 14,020 times over the past week.

10. Samsung: Galaxy S6 Edge+

Another Samsung mobile phone ad makes up the ten most shared items this week, with 13,540 shares.


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