Richard Jiao
Aug 8, 2016

BlueFocus Digital to embrace big data and seek emotional link with consumers

CEO Richard Jiao says company is ready to spread its wings and allow clients to soar across the complex digital landscape.

Wealth of experience: Richard Jiao has observed the evolving marketing landscape for over a decade.
Wealth of experience: Richard Jiao has observed the evolving marketing landscape for over a decade.

BlueFocus has come a long way, since its inception in 1996. Starting as China’s leading tech-PR agency, with clients ranging from Lenovo and BMW to PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble, the company has risen to become one of the top ranking communications groups in the world. Its success is mainly down to the ability to adapt to the ever-changing media environment, with its business today being mainly digital, revolving around social media, big data and ecommerce. The driving force behind this success is the flagship agency, BlueFocus Digital, which has taken on the role of integrating the various areas of expertise of business affiliates in the BlueFocus network. 

At Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, BlueFocus featured on PRWeek’s panel session, “Unleashing the power of social commerce”, giving the company an opportunity to share its experiences in the fields of ecommerce and big data. 

BlueFocus is tapping into the rise in importance of technology and data. The parent company, BlueFocus considers itself a new type of holding company that delivers an advantage in not just creative, content and service, but also in technology, data and product. By combining the six together, BlueFocus has created a new competitive advantage in the industry.

Echoing this sentiment Richard Jiao, CEO of BlueFocus Digital, said: “The internet has greatly changed and impacted the marketing industry. Not only has it made an impact on marketing channels, but most importantly, it has had an overall impact on consumers.” 

Jiao has been with the company for over 10 years, and has seen first hand how the internet has changed the marketing landscape and greatly impacted consumer behaviour. Consumers demand more personalised content, at the right time and place, in the appropriate manner, so establishing trust with consumers and connecting with them on an emotional level grows ever more important.

BlueFocus Digital has the leading advantage to achieve this, with its new synergetic system of services, content creation and technology. Through creative content that impresses increasingly demanding consumers, an ongoing emotional connection with them can be established and nurtured. 

Jiao foresees a new form of Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) emerging, one that may even rock the entire marketing system. It is no longer sufficient to be creative in providing quality content and services; rather, it is a case of developing the capabilities to handle big data and analyse market intelligence. To this end, BlueFocus Digital has teamed up with the US’s leading CRM company Merkle to develop its own BlueView intelligent marketing system. Its objective is to gain big data insights, make quick marketing responses, and optimise performance to efficiently enhance integrated marketing ROI.

This year, BlueFocus Digital launched its “Blueprint” measure to build its big data management platform (DMP), in order to form core service provider alliances, with three-way diversification to establish a new ecosystem that is capable of resolving industry problems. This DMP is based on the integration of end-to-end business intelligence marketing at its core, enabling BlueFocus Digital to employ its “Two Wings” strategy: mobile internet and ecommerce precision marketing to provide global and local brands with a complete solution. 

This DMP will assist clients to more accurately understand the marketing value from media advertising, as it integrates multiple data, and introduces multidimensional analytical methods. This will help clients to achieve complete conversion of link buying, so as to provide a more transparent, detailed and impactful assessment system.

The “Blueprint” also lays out a plan to earn US$10 billion from media operations in three years, with strategic partners to access, and integrate resources to develop, a common technology platform for system optimisation. 

BlueFocus Digital has also launched KOL growth plans that will support a high potential for long-term accounts in the media industry. Through social media big data analysis, filtering content will have the potential to grow by a large degree. Commercial tendencies from the media, flow of subsidies, content distribution, and exposure increments can also be analysed. 

Besides building a new growth engine to forward these CRM, KOL and growth plans, BlueFocus Digital is further developing its IMC integrated services to top digital marketing agencies, and focusing on content creation for core markets. With these plans, BlueFocus Digital, is set to fulfil its role as a lead agency, and continue to drive BlueFocus forward as a global communications leader. 

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