Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
Oct 2, 2018

Belt & Road: Will all roads lead to (Brand) China?

The much-vaunted initiative could very well be China’s ‘brand promise’ as the face of globalisation, or not.

Road show: Promoters of B&R brand expos underscore the huge size of the China market and the purchasing power of Chinese consumers.

No other infrastructure spending program in history has quite the branding cachet of the One Belt One Road OBOR initiative, which also goes by the “New Silk Road” and most recently the “Belt Road Initiative” BRI. Not even the Marshall Plan a US post-war aid program to Western Europe comes close to being as saccharinely accentuated as the OBOR, which has so far spawned Brand Expos’, an official rap song, a series of bedtime stories and...

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